Congregations in Cottbus

SELK in Cottbus

The members of our congregations live in Cottbus, the „green city“ on the Spree River. We consider it our privilege and our calling to help shape the civic life of our city with its more than 100,000 inhabitants. For more about Cottbus, see

St. Peter’s Church in Döbbrick, a suburb of Cottbus, is highly involved in its community. Activities include

  • participation in the St. Martin’s festival
  • gatherings for parents and children
  • children’s camps
  • an initiative to meld the old town and the new town into one social and economic entity
  • the pastor’s involvement as an advisor in local municipal matters
  • meetings and events sponsored by community members

Ecumenical involvements

On the ecumenical level we work together with all denominations and take part in ecumenical church services and events.

Music performances

Because of its excellent acoustics, choirs and music groups choose the Church of the Holy Cross as the site for their performances. One such organization is the Song Academy of the State Theater of Cottbus, which gives concerts in the Church of the Holy Cross regularly. You can learn more about State Theater and its productions at

Vacantioning in Cottbus

We invite you to visit the city, the region, and especially the Spree Forest. The „Spreewald“ is one of Germany’s largest nature preserves and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. A boat ride along the forest’s canals by day or night is an unforgettable experience that can be enjoyed in conjunction with the city’s many music events. And Berlin and Dresden, with their charm and excitement, are only one and a half hours away. Find out more about the Spree Forest at

German and Sorbian are the two languages of this region. Many residents of Cottbus and the surrounding area trace their roots to the Sorbs and the Wends, the area’s original inhabitants. Take time when you visit to become acquainted with their customs and traditions. Or learn more right now at wikipedia .

If you visit our region, you are invited to reserve a guest room at St. Peter’s in Döbbrick.

Proximity to Poland

The scenic Lubiskie region in Poland is less than one hour away. It offers many recreational opportunities for vacationers.

Cottbus, the university city

Cottbus is home to many institutions of learning. Of particular interest to Americans is the Brandenburg Technical University, which conducts many of its classes in English. Check out the B.T.U. at

We are glad to help visitors to Cottbus who want to arrange overnight accommodations, become acquainted with the city, or find lodging and personal contacts for students.