The Christian congregation is the Lord’s refuge in our world

We invite you to join us!

We like to celebrate, but not alone!

Worship can include …

… the common or the communion service;foto-42

… organ, choral, or brass music that is sometimes majestic and sometimes introspective;

… old or new hymns;

… evening devotions like those of the Taizé community;

… many guests who visit often;

… a monthly family service at Döbbrick that reaches out to children;

… the celebration of the Lord’s Supper;

… a Sunday morning children’s worship service;foto-06

… a Sunday service that features a simple liturgy and an in-depth lesson on fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Amidst these changing outward forms it is important to remain mindful that Jesus Christ is with us. He is our focus. And this truth we experience when a baby is baptized, when school children are blessed, when absolution is given by the laying on of hands, or when Christ is offered in the bread and wine of Holy Communion. Many members and guests who attend the worship service stay for a cup of coffee afterward and thus share their time and their lives with others.

foto-41The great feasts are celebrated according to the church calendar. Other church events include

  • The night of the open churches at Pentecost
  • The congregational festival
  • St. Martin’s Festival at Döbbrick
  • Advent afternoon with the manger play at Döbbrick
  • Concerts.




Events during the week include:

· focus groups

Enjoy fellowship with a group of church members who share your age or interest.

· Bible classes

We offer Christian instruction for children of all ages. In this way the faith is passed from generation to generation. This opportunity is available for the unchurched children in our community, also. For many parents, sending their children to our classes was an alternative to the socialist custom of dedicating children to the State.

· discussion

A Bible study circle and several focus groups are opportunities for fellowship and contemplation.

· music

The adult choir and brass ensemble rehearse and then perform during worship services, birthday and anniversary celebrations, and funerals.

· parents´support group

A support group for parents who have young children meets in Döbbrick. It is sponsored by local residents who volunteer their time.

· confidential personal counseling

The Naemi Wilke House in Guben offers help and hope for anyone who is experiencing a crisis.

foto-09Take advantage of these exciting educational and recreational opportunities.

  • Adult instruction for those who want to refresh their knowledge of the Christian faith and for those who are new to it
  • Congregational tours, trips, and excursions
  • summer camps and outings for youth
  • planned vacations for families
  • children’s camps

Everyone is invited to contribute his or her efforts and gifts to the congregation’s life. Become acquainted with our congregation and its activities in the community. Even if you still have questions about Christianity, you can see it in action, take part in it, and get to know it.